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Default Did I do everything ok? Beardie Question

Hey Guys (and girls!)

As you know, Stanley died yesterday after just 2 weeks with us. Im still gutted that this has happened.

Can I check I did everything ok before making my decision on what to do next.

I bought him and was told he was nearly 12 weeks (reputable pet shop) got home, posted pics on here and with other friends was told he was a LOT younger. (poss 5-7 wks) He ate randomly for the first few day, and just seemed to be taking a week to settle in.

Viv set up (originally with wood chips, which i removed after day one and replaced with kitchen towel) Heat Lamp over a rock, which got to 105 degrees each day, turned off at night, UV Light on from 8am to about 9.30pm (heat lamp was thermostatically regulated) Hottest area of viv 105 and coolest about 80. I have a dual electronic thermometer which confirmed this.

First few days the humidity kept going to 50% but after changing to smaller water bowl, it stayed around 40%

Stanley never drank from a water bowl (not that i witnessed) but took from dropper) in the two weeks I had him, he probably only ate about 20 crickets, (small and small to medium, black and brown) he didnt touch any salad. Crickets were dusted with nutrabol, then I changed to the calcium tub(name escapes me will check)

Day 8 he started to become sluggish, sleeping a lot more and didnt run when we took him from his viv. Thought he had just ate too much in one go. (he was still moving round the viv to get different temps but didnt look good)

Visited vet, checked for impaction, all clear, was pretty shit at everything else, but brought him home, started with the bathing, to help him shed a little more, he would just lie there not move.

Eventually got worse, and passed yesterday (day 13) Of course the pet shop only have a 7 day guarantee, but id like to go back for a chat today just incase im not the only one that lost their beardie.

What age can they sell beardies? Was it too young? Should this matter?
What else could I have done?

Any advice, criticism gratefully received, I dont want to be loosing another beardie so quickly!
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