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Default Thankyou

Thank you for the reassurance. I went back to the pet shop today and saw the remaining two babies that were still alive. One has a completely bent tail, which almost double backed on itself, and had a wonky leg, and the 2nd had a huge white lump on its belly. One of the girls started talking about calcium problems, but her boss soon shut her up! Very strange!

They both had reserved on the side, after telling them about Stanley, I got a full refund and offered money off another one, which of course I refused!

Whilst there I got talking to a great bloke about beardies, who said he keeps them - he had three. He gave me a number of a friend that is looking to rehome a beardie approx 5 months old. Ill post some pics when they come thru, and we are going to see her tomorrow.

Reading up more now to see what I need to do, obviously cleaning the viv out and going to bury Stanley this afternoon.
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