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Originally Posted by emrec View Post
i am pretty interested in getting some dart frogs i normally like things to be active and alive so i would want a few not jsut one or two so what size tank would i need it cant be more than 2 feet wide and no more than 2 feet depth but height is no problems what or where would i be able to get a good size glass viv and the accesories and i am liking the azurues frogs i like the blue of them would these be suitable and whats there general diet i have did a lot of reserach but i now want real life person to person knowledge espeically on the viv as i cant find nothing
I keep a breeding pair of D.Azureus in a 60x40x40cm (WxDxH) Viv. These dart frogs r ideal as a starter species. Alot of people use the Exo terra vivs but i personally hate them as they are unsuitable due to the mesh tops and gaps around the doors etc.. Alot of work needed to make them suitable for Dart frogs. All my vivs are ENT's, which are designed for the purpose. E.N.T. Terrarientechnik - Dendrobaten-Terrarien These are available from

The diet consists mainly of Fruitflies, Woodlice, springtails, Waxworms.
I'd avoid using micro crickets as they can distroy your plants and can also harm your frogs.

A good starter care sheet Keeping Dartfrogs - a knol by AJ Cann#

Have you looked on or
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