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Default First time Beardie keeper - question


Just bought a 6 week old beardie and the whole setup but I have read on different sites that a young beardie should be using kitchen towel for the floor of the viv, the guy gave me corase beech chips. Is this safe ? Also got a uv strip lamp and a heating lamp which didnt work when I set it up, have to take back tomorrow. He also said I should use a heat mat on the back of the viv(glass viv) instead of underneath. When I turn the uv lamp and when working h.lamp should I also turn off the heat mat ?

He gave me a tub of medium locusts which he said I should add nutrobal 3 times a week, did this tonite and gave it 4/5 locusts but it hasnt touched any of them. Should I remove them before I turn in for the night ?

Cheers for any help
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