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Originally Posted by paulb1912 View Post

Just bought a 6 week old beardie and the whole setup but I have read on different sites that a young beardie should be using kitchen towel for the floor of the viv, the guy gave me corase beech chips. Is this safe ? Also got a uv strip lamp and a heating lamp which didnt work when I set it up, have to take back tomorrow. He also said I should use a heat mat on the back of the viv(glass viv) instead of underneath. When I turn the uv lamp and when working h.lamp should I also turn off the heat mat ?

He gave me a tub of medium locusts which he said I should add nutrobal 3 times a week, did this tonite and gave it 4/5 locusts but it hasnt touched any of them. Should I remove them before I turn in for the night ?

Cheers for any help
Welcome to Forum and to beardie keeping. He probably didnt eat A) because he was settling in and B) there was not lighting. Beardies need the light to warm up and to be able to digest their food.

Bark chippings are really not a good idea for a 6 week old beardie unless you are going to feed outside the viv in a tub. I would use either kitchen roll, newspaper or lino at this age.

I am still wondering why rep shops are selling bearides with heat mats.. A beardie does not need heat at night unless your house temps fall below approx 58F. Even in winter most houses stay above this temp. I would invest in a decent dimming stat and ditch the heatmat/matstat. It is more important that your temps are spot on during the day. Basking spot of at least 110F hot end of 96F-98F and cool end of around 84Fish

Baby beardies need to be fed live food 2 times a day one of them dusted with calcium. Only when they reach 4 months old should you put them down to once a day and by the time they are adults they can be fed live everyotherday. Always make sure your beardie has a nice selection of veg available.


Originally Posted by BigA View Post
The heat mat should be put on when you turn the beardie's light and heater off of an evening, then turn it off when you put the light and heater back on in the morning. I hand feed my young beardie, so there is no chance of her eating sand. But all animals are different, if yours will not hand feed then it would be best to put kitchen roll down until he/she gets a bit bigger. Feed him/her with the dusted locust two/three days a week.
I hope this helps.
Heat mats are really not necessary at all.

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