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Default Hello and help please

Looks like I could become the owner of a very cute American soft shell turtle.
Well thats is what ive been told it is.
Ive turtle sat this past 2 weeks for a neighbour and have been asked if i`d like to
keep it because the daughter is "fed up" with it.
It is green , about 5" long with a long neck and snorkle like nose.It spends
most of the time hiding in the gravel at the bottom of the tank , sticking
its head out of the water every so often to breathe.
Now i am very tempted to take the turtle but after looking on YOUTUBE
im very worried as to what size it will grow and if i`ll be able to give it a
decent quality of life.
A 4 foot tank would be ok in the house but i wouldnt manage something
What can i expect please and what do people do with turtles if they do
grow too big
Im really not keen to give it back because quite frankly im worried about
what will happen to it

Thank you
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