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Blindness -I've seen something on that but that seems to be related to bulbs being too close to the reptile itself, I've seen a couple of mentions where the Compact bulb was approx 5-6 inches away from dragons. So maybe in a standard height size viv they are not practical purely for correct set up purposes.

From reading the instructions of our 100watt PowerSun bulb again (read originally when settin up) these are designed to be set further away than normal tubes - even externally - so incorrect use could be attributed to these stories of blindness etc. We have a high Viv 22 inches (internal height) and the closest point to any rep basking location is at least 15inches away from bottom of bulb. We have a higher Viv 33inches inside height so that would work perfectly.

As with everything correct setting up and reading manufacturers intructions is essential.


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