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Default Types of lizard

I want a Lizard. I really do, I think they're so cute <3

I just don't know what to get.

I was thinking of getting a Crested gecko, but the price puts me off. If you want something besides greeny-brown, you have to pay quite a bit.

I like colours, like leopard geckos, but I want something I can handle, as well, and apparently leopard geckos don't like being handled (I read that somewhere, correct me if I'm wrong.)

I'd also like something that doesn't HAVE to be fed live food. I don't mind crickets and things, but I'd prefer not to have to have live foods in my room.

I'm going to spend a lot of time away at school during the day (8am-4pm ish) so I think something nocturnal would be a good idea.

So basically, I would like something colourful-ish, handleable, not too big -- 1ft max, and isn't too expencive (or the setup wouldn't be too expencive. I want to spend majority of money on either the animal OR the terrarium. about 150 max for everything.) and preferably (but not necessarily) not entirely fed on live food and nocturnal.

If anything like that exists, that's great, but I am aware they are VERY specific criteria so it doesn't have to be ALL of these things, but they are just the things I'd like in a lizard.

Thanks for any help.
Pippo xx
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