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hi mate i have 2 water dragons myself and will agree that Tricias website is ab fab!

They need to be misted everyday to keep humidity up and will require a large viv!
They love to climb so put a few big branches in their viv with lots of greenery in there 2 and they will be happy chaps!

They will also require a large water bowl..i have a big washing up bowl in mine n wrks brill!
Before i got her 1 of mine had rubbed her snout so much that it came off..bless her but shes fine now and even in a large viv she dsnt like reflections and will occasionaly window dance...until mummy gets her out for cuddles so a non reflective glass would be suitable,mine are yearlings and i feed them both on a mixture of locusts,crickets and mealworms..but ONLY feed them mealworms as a treat,3 or 4 a wk as there very fatty and could lead to heart attack if there fed 2 many!

I also handle mine alot and let them run around my living room to get some exercise.

If u find he hides sometimes..dnt worry..take a look at him as he maybe in slough (shed) 1 of mine hides behind a plant or submerges unda water for ages wen shes in slough!

Hope all this info helps mate x x
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