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Originally Posted by Charm-ing View Post
First post so be gental.

I am considering getting a Panther cham.
It'll be my first cham so im unsure of the type of actual locale to get. I don't want one thats too expensive as ive looked at past threads and 500 is too steep for me.

Also what kind of viv should i be looking for? Is the screen Exo Terra one any good?

Also any other information that i'll need to know thats not in the care sheet that is the care sheet section of the forum?

Thank you
Hi mate me and you are in sorta the same situation. I would reccomend a mesh cage that is at least 4ft tall. Check out the Terry thatcher ones.
I have found this link useful CaptiveBred's Panther Chameleon Care Guide - CaptiveBred Reptile Forums, Reptile Classified, Forum
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