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Default Leo setup advice and few other questions on morphs

Hi all,

Right ive been reading over boards past couple of days on set up's

Problem is I have glass tank with heat light which my uncle gave this to me free so wasnt complaining.

But from what ive reading the heat mat is the way to go for leo's so going to replace red heat lamp with red led so I can watch my leo at night.

What im wondering is what way should i set it up? Iv seen polysteren tile base with mat on top of that then glass tank.

or should i have poly base and mat in tank and lino on top? substate I will be using is newpaper or lino I can get stacks of newpaper as I print the bloody thing day in day out so i can get the paper unprinted

also for controling the tempature should i use the habi stat mat stat or tempture thermostat?

food wise i was leaning towards hoppers or meal worms dont like crickets

and as for the leo itself ive fallen for the sunglows the deep orange coloured ones problem is i live in Belfast so havent be able to source one localy and local rep shops dont have any on stock lists so they said if i could source one they could maybe work something out to get me it shipped over so if anyone could help point me in right direction would be great help.

Thanks For Your Time
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