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Mine didnt eat for 6 days after i got my first beardie, it does worry but as advised in previous they do like to settle in. Just a personal note i dont put a water bowl in all day, maybe for a couple of hours if that but if u leave it in there too long the humidity will get too high, not very desert like!

Regarding nutrobal i only use my twice a week then use calcium for the other five days, nutrobal is not calcium so would also invest in tub of calcium powder, livefoods by post do a massive tub quite cheap and u only need to use a pinch to cover upto 15-20 locusts so will last you ages!

You will get the hang of it and will find keeping beardies very rewarding, i now own 3 and want more.

Need any advice there are loads of friendly people on here so dont worry!

Welcome again mate
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