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I posted this as i live in southampton too and got quite a good response. i look on the rcvs website and they came up with one that was accredited however after speaking to people i seem to be getting a few names that keep coming up as popular ones and to be honest i would rather go with word of mouth as people have had hands on experience with these vets!! ive copied a few into this reply if you need want any more i have them all saved in a word doc so let me know!!!

John Chitty
Strathmore Veterinary Clinic
London Rd, Andover, Hants. SP10 2PH
(01264) 352323

David Vawer
Downlands Veterinary Group
Park Vale Clinic
71 Havant Rd Emsworth
01243 377141

Zoo & Aquatic Veterinary Group
Stoke Charity Rd,
Kings Worthy,
Winchester, SO23 7LS

the one found on rcvs website is: Exotic Animal Centre
8-12 Fitzilian Avenue
(obviously a bit of a trek)

I think John Chitty is the one that does Marwell Zoo animals and i know a few of the reptile centres here use him so, if my baby was sick then that were i would be taking her!!!!
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