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I have a crestie hun he is delightful. Here he is my little Icky.

I feed on CGD just make sure you get a good one as the Komodo stuff gets alot of complaints as it not as tasty. I do keep mine on live as well as CGD and I agree he is a bigger boy feeding the live but there is alot of goodness in the CGD for them so its best to feed both I think.

My brother picked up his crestie for 70.00 the other week but they a little harder to come by where I live for some reason. I think I paid 60.00 for mine worth every pennie though.

Very good starter rep and quite hardy reps as well.

Good luck with whatever you decide, when I bought Icky he was just a plain brown now he is a burnt orange and flame yellow.

Sparkle is a great member on here for CGD recipies to make the CGD more interesting she also well clued up with Cresties.
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