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Originally Posted by Kloy View Post
Hi! I'm considering getting a Royal, so I've been trying to do my research on viv set-up etc... BUT I am having trouble getting my head round heating :/

The first rep shop I spoke to told me a heat mat and thermostat would be fine, the next said I needed a UV strip light, thermostat and red bulb. THEN I tried looking in the internet for advice and am more confused then ever. So basically what I'm asking is; what do you guys recommend?

Cheers in advance for you help

Hi: all you need is viv, Habistat, or Microclimate, thermostat, the bulb does not have to be red go for a 60 watt depends on size of viv. Royals are kept at about 25 30 pain in the bum to feed somtimes
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