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Originally Posted by teiryklav View Post
whats the sign of a shedding leo?

They will usually go pale as if they are covered in tissue paper, often they will go off their food for a couple of days.

is zeolite powder ok for leo substrate?

No idea what this is but I wouldn't use any sort of powder or particulate for a substrate - especially if it is a young Leo

is leo sensitive, will it get disturbed by tv light at night?

It will get used to it in time but does depend on how timid or not your Leo is.

how many times per week should i dust my crickets?

Every time. 5 nights a week with pure calcium and 2 nights with vitamins such as nutrobal

is mealworm ok for the,?

Yes mealworms are fine - can be a bit fatty but some ppl use them as a staple with no problems. I also like to give mine a bit of variety such as locust and roaches.

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