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Originally Posted by lionfish View Post
Reptiles plus is opening in Poole ? Whereabouts please ? Thanks.
On the road between The George Pub/Dolphin Centre and Fleetsbridge roundabout. Should be open end of August, but will let you know when we have an exact date . We're incredibly busy at the moment and what with Hamm etc coming up, it's taking a little longer to finalise...Not long now though!
Available soon CB 2015 - Salamandra.s.terrestris, Triturus marmoratus, Triturus.a.apuanus and nominate alpestris, plus plenty of Axolotls (leucistic, wild type, golden albino, albino and melanoid). Plenty more species of amphibian available summer 2015 - tropical, sub tropical, and also many temperate species suitable for secure outdoor vivaria.
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