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Question New to Leopard Gecko keeping

Hi I am new to reptile keeping. I have just bought a female Gecko complete with set up. 18" cubed vivarium etc. She has a pale body with dark spots on her head and tail. I am a little worried as she seems a lot thinner than the pictuers of other geckos I have looked at and rarely opens her eyes even in a very dim light. She has just shed ok but doesn't seem to eat a great deal. I am feeding her meal worms the odd wax worm and the correct size crickets for her size. All dusted! The crickets seem to disappear but she leaves the worms alone?

I did buy her for the students at a college, for students with complex learning and behaviour problems, where I work. I read to late about them being nocturnal. Was intrigued by her and have decide to keep her myself.

Only had her a week! Appreciate any advice !

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