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this thred so funny if i was him id think about what im wrighting and were im wrighting it !!!!!!! be clever mate ...... let ya dad take them in set it up wait in the car/have a look around go in a hour or so later if u dad is running the stall then u meet the "legal requiament" that is set .... who is to say u carnt have your son with you who just happens to know about reptiles he is running the stall not you he set it up not you u just came to meet him and your they to "spend some time with ya dad " who are they to say u are ther to sell !!!!! to many people think they know what they are talking about its up to them to prove you are selling not u to prove u ant if they dont allow ya dad to have a table just cos u are ther go higher and if that dont work go higher and whn that dont work your b 16 heheh "joking" lol just dont right no more on here u just droping ya selfin it even more just think about what u are putting up on here..... make a new account and use that be smart mate add me if u want
Well helpful you mate