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Originally Posted by erewegoagain View Post
Don't worry about lighting at all as Royals dont need it. If you go for a wooden viv. then i think youd be better off with a ceramic bulb at one end of the viv attached to a thermostat for heating. Dont forget a guard to fit round the bulb so that the snake cant burn itself. Your other option is to use a plastic Really Useful box with heat mat and thermostat under the box: this is better for hatchlings.
This is what i'd of said, make sure that when you get one its eating well, i've got a royal, shes about 3 months old now but shes never taken food on her own im assist feeding her, they can go 2 ways, either eat like pigs or non feeders, but they really are very sweet little snakes.
Hope you get the advice you need, you should get some great advice on here.
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