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Default Hello from Canada :)

Hi everyone,

So, im a bit of a snake virgin - literally and figuratively (sorry to anyone that is offended by that joke).

My question is quick and simple and I won't keep anybody tied up for long. The boyfriend and I just bought ourselves a Northern Pine Snake from our local reptile dealer on Tuesday. She is one and a half years old, about 4 - 41/2 feet long, eats 1 small rat every Saturday.

Her terrarium is (LxWxH) 6ftx2ftx3ft, basking temperature of 85.2F, cool area 75F, she has a hide in the cool area and a stick to lie on in the basking area (will be putting a hide in the basking area soon), and her tank is situated in the living room beside our fish tank. As for subtrate we use... it's brown in colour, organic, looks like a cross between moss and bark, comes in a compacted cube... oh and you need to put it in water in order for it to expand and soften (not sure what it's called).

Now that that's out of the way I can ask my question

After putting her into her tank she starting hissing, this stopped after approximately five minutes. She spent the next 2 hours wandering, smelling, basically checking the new home out - normal snake stuff. Then she disappeared - I know we also thought she escaped - she buried herself under the subtrate and hasn't come out since.

- Should we brush the subtrate off of her and pick her up, or should we leave her alone and let her come out when she is ready.

- Should we feed her, leave her for 48 hours and then start to handle her, or should we start to handle her right away and then feed her on her regular schedule.

Also, is this type of behaviour normal for Pines(?) I realize they are diggers, but do they burry themselves like this all the time.

Hope someone can help shed (pun not intended) light on this. Any information about normal behaviour and 'what to exspect' from this breed of snake would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a million.

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