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Originally Posted by paulb1912 View Post
My wee beardie(6 weeks) hasnt been eating but this morning I checked and there seemed to be only 2 crickets in the viv when last night there was about 8.

The tank is secure, ther is no holes and i cant see them escaping, so I am taking it that they are being eaten. The only other thing I can imagine is at the cool end, I have a bit blocked off as its a 3ft tank, in this bit I have a cricket keeper box which is sealed and I dont think they are crawling up that and going in as the other in it cant get out.
Bearded Dragons are the same as us, awake during daylight hours asleep at night.

As suggested above, all un-eaten crickets need to be removed from your viv as they may nibble on your dragon.

We have our beardie on a 12 hours lights on cycle then lights off for 12 hours. Dragons do thrive on routine .


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