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Originally Posted by benk2009 View Post
hi, i need some urgent help please.

So today i set up my new tank for my brand new baby uromastyx. There is a problem though; the ceramic heating bulb is heating up.

The bulb is running through the correct habistat day/night pulse thermostat which is working (tested with lightbulb once problem arose).

I have checked the conductivity of the bulb and there is definately a current running through it.

All the components appear to be in working order, and i am positive everything has been set up correctly, but the bulb is not even getting warm, even though the thermostat's light is on (not flashing, fully on).

I have never used a thermostat or ceramic bulb before and have become more than a little frustrated by this problem, and as the ceramic heating bulb is the only heat source in the tank, i am worried about not being able to sort out the problem until tomorrow lunch time when the shop opens...

suggesting, advice, solutions and waves of magic wands all required...


how do you know there is current going through the bulb.....did you just check the reistance and if so...what was it.
If your pulse stat is ok.....has to be the ceramic.....have you checked the fuse for the ceramic heater ?
I take it is a ceramic heater and not a heat lamp?
Also,can't you just plug the ceramic into a passing the stat to see if it works then?

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