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Default Urgent Help needed

Hi Guys

A bit strange, but, I just came back from France (fishing, It was hot and there were lizards running about everywher,to london by coach yesterday (saturday), and unloaded all my kit, Rod bag, tent etc.
It was put in my Dads Garage. This morning I loaded my car up ( a golf convertible) and drove from London to Warrington in cheshire with the roof down.
after I arrived I unloaded my car and put the roof up (by hand not electric). Whilst doing this a lizard ran from between the creases of the roof and on to the top of the unfolded roof. It was running about the roof and I thought I had better capture it I was worried it might get eaten or something it was VERY small no more than 2 inches.

Well theres the back ground, I dont know what to do know, I dont mind keeping it if that is what is needed, but I dont want it to die, its not his fault.
Now this is the bit that confuses me.
I read that we have a lizard called the common lizard in th UK but it doesn't seem to look like it but as it seems to be a baby, It might look like the picture on the net.

Urgent please help I need to make a decision whether to just let it out or try to accomodate it.


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