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Originally Posted by Natrix View Post
It's not got it's adult colours yet and babies can be a bit variable but what you have got there is a common wall lizard Podarcis muralis.
It's not a British native and shouldn't be released into the UK (not good for the lizard and illegal for you)
I don't think you will find any care sheets for them but they are a reasonably hardy species and would have the same requirements as the bigger lacertids. Try looking up care sheets for eyed lizards, Balken green lizards and green lizards.

I agree with natrix.
These are also on the EPS i believe.

With reguards to keeping and housing them, they are extremely hardy and simple to keep

I used to catch,keep,rear and even breed these as a kid in france.

sorry its a crappy picture, its very old and only first ones i found to scan in, here some of the babies i bred years ago
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