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At the bottom is a link to a care sheet on the 'Eyed Lizard'. Might give you an idea as to what specific requirements your new companion has - "scone please butler"

I am not too sure about the UVB requirements of these small lizards, but UVB lighting is a special tube lighting that is easily installed into most vivariums, it is essentially a strip light that has 'special' rays emitting from it that allow the lizard to utilise the calcium in it's diet. It gives vitamin D3 (what everyone else gets from natural sunlight) and without it the bones do not get the calcium they need as any ingested calcium cannot be...utilised.

Your local reptile shop should be able to get you crickets and/or roaches. They should also be able to get you some calcium powder, and some multivitamin powder, 'Nutrobal' is the brand i use.

A heat mat (depending on enclosure size, approximately 5-25), running from a thermostat (an on/off stat specifically for heat mats, approx 20-40) will keep the temperatures you want in your chosen enclosure. The probe goes to the warm end and the heat gradient works itself out going towards the cooler end of the enclosure.

Now, enclosure wise, personally i would go for a RUB (Really Useful Box), but if the strip lighting for the UVB is needed, then you may run into some issues using a RUB.
You can always build yourself a vivarium from 1.8cm thick MDF, they are very simple to build, and a local glass merchants will cut and smooth the glass for you for hardly anything; avoid big companies for this, they charge the earth!
Alternatively, have a look on the classifieds section of this site and you will most likely find something more than suitable for not a lot at all, possibly with equipment included!

Well, good luck, and to reptile keeping!

Care sheet - Eyed Lizards - Care in captivity
Site for equipment & food -
RUB's (cheap from Staples) - Go Shopping - Really Useful Boxes - Full Range
Equipment classifieds on RFUK - Equipment Classifieds - Reptile Forums UK

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