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Originally Posted by jools View Post
Leos are crepuscular / nocturnal. This means that although they come out at night they actually prefer (in my experience) evening and morning when it is not pitch black. You could leave the light on all night (although it is not necessary) if you wanted to IF you have your heat mat or bulb on a thermostat which you should have. The probe should be placed on the substrate over the heatmat - it should be anyway. As I'm sure you know it is not really the air temperature that matters but the floor temperature - thats why the stat probe and thermometer go there.

Yeh, i think im going to try that... i have 2 bulb in my tank.... one at either end.. one of the bulbs is a normal very low hear bulb with no uv etc... and the other is the Night glo..... i have 2 timers, what would you reccomend i shud do ...... for example have the day bulb on from 10.00 - 18.00 , then the night glo on frim 18.00 - 00.00 ???

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