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Originally Posted by cockneypaul View Post
You guys are being very helpfull
Ok I got the cardboard sorted, But where do I get baby roaches, maggots, small crickets or waxworms from, There is an exotic petshop a couple of miles away, should I go there,

What about permanent housing for it, what equipment do I need?

Whats the EPS?



Hiya, i would follow some of the advise and links that have been given.
EPS is european protected speices, it means there illegal to keep,buy breed and so on.

but this isnt normal circumstances

with regaurds to food ive often found these lizards prefer more vivid coloured prey, plus your better off beeing asmuch wild insects as possiable for now so there gut flora can adjust to crickets and such.

you shoudl easily find grasshoppers and worms around to feed them on, just dont collect them near pesticide sprayed areas.

a ceramic is best for these and they LOVE to bask in the sun and a 10% uv is best as they guys need all the D3 they can get due to the speed of the motablizim
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