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Thank you again so much Sshisto!

I have my little ackie now.She is tiny, only 4 months old. I only just got her 2 days ago (Thanks Ramage).And as usual, have a feew more questions:

1. How do I feed her the crickets without the crickets trying to jump out and all over the room? Any hints?

2. How much is she supposed to eat? She ate 5 medium sized crickets last night, and continued eating this morning. Her tummy looks quite full.Should I let her eat as much as possibel, or control it?

3. How do I use the thermostat? Sorry,but my tank is second hand.I first tried it, and set it on 30C, but the temp is 35C. Is the thermostat not gonna stop the temperature rising? Or is it to stop it from falling? Sorry if this is a real stupid, beginner question

4. Am trying to tame her. I pick her up inside thbe tank once a day and hold her (She kicks & wriggles),while holding food in front of her(which she doesn't take). Is this the correct thing to do to make her easy to handler in teh future? Any suggestions

Again,thanks again for your very helpful replies
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