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Default Advice For Newbie; My Bearded Dragon Set-up

Hi all,

After wanting a pet reptile since I was 7, for my 24th birthday in June I was finally given one as a present. This is so far the set up I have for Chuck Norris, my 3 and a half month old Bearded Dragon.

I hope these pics work as its the only way I can see of doing them.

It's a 4x2x2ft viv that I heat using a diurnal 600w pulse stat and what I believe is a 250w ceramic heater (its about that, I threw out the box ). For u.v. and lighting I use a 10% Exo Terra UV 42 inch Tube powered by an Arcadia Starter Unit which is plugged in to a timer that is set to give approximately 14 hours of light coinciding with the natural day/night pattern of the stat. The sensor for the stat is mounted on the window sill behind the curtain so as not to be interfered with by any lights that are on in the room. Day time temps are set to 40-43 degrees Celsius at the hot end and approx 30 degrees Celsius at the cool end. At night I drop these down to about 25-30 degrees Celsius at the hot end and the cool end never gets below room temp (obviously).

Chuck is fed 2-3 times a day, depending on what he tolerates and how much he wants with locusts and crickets and he gets the odd wax worm treat if he is good (sounds like hes my child doesnt it ). These are all dusted with Repton supplement prior to feeding. In his viv there is always varied fruit and veg (again lightly dusted with Repton), I try not to feed him the same veg stuff too many days in a row, and a small shallow bowl of water, which I have seen him drink out of and I know the humidity is not affected. These are both re filled with fresh each morning, and are kept at the cool end of the viv.

Now I know that the water dish and calci-sand substrate are a controversial issue, based on personal experience and opinion. But the bloke in the pet shop I bought Chuck from was recommended by other pet shops in the area and people I know who also kept reptiles. He also breeds and these were how he cared for his Beardies and he maintained he has had no problems at all with impaction. I have also watched Chuck feed and he is very accurate when lunging, and seeing as sand is found in their natural habitat I dont see the harm in having it in the viv.

Basically as I am new to keeping Beardies I'm asking for any advice and constructive criticisms about the set up I have for Chuck. I feel that with the research I have done that the set up is adequate. But, basically, I want it to be perfect for him.

I eagerly await your input
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