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Smile Another Beardie Newbie joins the clan... with a few Qs

Hi One and all

We've very recently become owners of a Bearded Dragon pre-named Godzilla - he's about a foot long and about 4 1/2 - 5yrs old (so we've been told) - guessing that makes him more of an adult rather than a juvenille ! He's had 2 previous owners as far as we now - so possibly a CB rather than wild guy.

He came with his own contiboard vivarium with glass doors - 35x24x15 cm - hopefully big enough ? - with a 30 inch UV tube across the back near the top/ light fitting / temperature guage/ heat mat and thermostate/ 2 long branches/ half log (very light)/ sand/ fake green stuff / Calci pure insect dusting powder and Nubrol calci/multivitamin powder.

We did do some research prior to accquirement - and ended up slightly confused over some conflicting advice - hence the posting (Also totally new to forums....this is the 5th attempt at trying to post/reply)

Questions as follows (apologies if really obvious/typical 'newbie' ones)

Vivarium: Hopefully above size is okay ?
We've added a couple of black crystally flat rocks (no loose bits) - well washed/ scrubbed/ dried and one small/medium one from the garden - also well scrubbed/ dried and a smallish piece of bog wood - also well soaked/brushed - to get rid of the tanin colouring and loose bits - if I can work out how to add pics - will add.....

On arrival we also took out all the sand and sifted - and wiped the entire tank/heat mat with very diluted disinfectant - before placing sand back....
however the tank still has a 'distinct' odour...would this disappear if we use 'fresh' sand on each monthly big clean ?
Also seen conflicting reports re: Play sand - is it fine to use and could it be mixed with the pre-packed desert sand ?

Lighting: In the extra light fitting we tried a clear 60W household bulb - which raised the temperature to just over 100F - so we switched it to a pearlised 40W household bulb - and temp is just under 100F - is this enough for heating/basking - or do we have to have an additional one purely for heat - as I've read that the ideal max temp should be around 100F ?
Nightime temp (lights out) with the 40W drops to about 80F - not sure how to get it lower to the 60F as recommended...

Heating Mats: -
Thermostat is a Habistat 300W with min temp 64F(well covered with good bit of sand) currently on that setting (although not actually coming on as temp seems to be at 80F at night)- it seems to be mixed views - although possibly more not in favour - but wondered if we should keep it as come Winter in UK -our house will be very cold as we have no heating (we'll be drawing straws for the vivarium )....

Exercise: When we get a 'British Summer' LOL :0D - we have thought of making a long run - but wasn't sure if this is a good idea - as I've not read anything about this. If okay - should we add a base or will he be okay on the grass once it's dried out of course! (bearing in mind we have sandy soil and aware that they may burrow)

Bathing: Again mixed views - and having read a recentish thread about the native habitat - water is a scarce commodity - and he has the option of a small water dish...but should an occasionally bath be offered or a fine spray all over him of just the stones ?

General Health: Apart from shakes - are there any age-related disease to be aware of ?
Claws: Do they ever need to be trimmed ?
Shedding: What age - is he likely to - and what steps to help?

Just checking - I've understood this right...
Veggie food: A great salad food list posted by another member - just checking due to the variety of powders available - the one we were given - Nubrol high potency calcium and multivitamin powder - is this okay to dust the veggie bits with ?
Have also read that adult Beardies ought to be having higher percentage of veg to live a daily feed of the green stuff ?

Live Stuff: Adults - 1/2 cricket every other day - maybe couple of small meal worms as a treat..?

UK Local insect/wildlife: Is it safe ? (We don't use pesticides - but obviously the critters could come from anywhere !)
'Summer season' - local crickets/ grasshoppers
All the year round - spiders/ slugs/ flies - as we have quiet a few especially the slugs/flies - be good to put them to some use !!!

Think that'll do for now - and hopefully he'll survive with us for the next 6mths and then we'll be able to stop 'worrying' - like all 'new parents'

As always many thanks to anyone who can offer reassurance/ guidence to us newbies - Thanks b d

As this is the 5th attempt - copied from a Word doc - but lost smilies along the way
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