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Hello there. I am by far no expert but I can only advise you on my own experience and the knowledge that I have .

As you are aware there is much contraversy over sand and particle substrates. I personally would not choose to use any kind of particle substrate as it will be ingested at some point and bearded dragons simply cannot digest sand. In my opinion my dragon means too much to me to be taking the risk.

Babies need to be offered dusted live foods 2-3 times daily. As many as he/she will eat and if using crickets any uneaten crickets removed as they can nibble on your dragon.

Suitable vegetables need to be offered daily, there is a diet sheet here you can refer to. Good vegetables to offer are greens such as cress, spring greens, butternut squash, watercress, these all make a great staple vegetable, there are many others that can be offered but only as a treat, once, twice a week.

Live foods need to be no bigger than the distance between your dragons eyes.

As you know bearded dragons are desert dwellers, often associated with sand, wild dragons infact live in extremely dry conditions they live upon compacted almost clay like soil, not loose sand.

Our set up is a Reptisun 10.0 running the length of her viv. She has a raised basking area with a 60W normal bulb for basking light.

She is on a 12 hour on and 12 hour off cycle.

We use no additional heat in the Summer months. In the Winter we intend on using a ceramic heat emitter for some additional heat. Providing your home goes no lower than 65* at night any extra heat is not needed.

Bearded dragons feel heat from above not below, so any kind of heated rocks etc; are not suitable.

Basking spot temperatures need to be anything from 105-115*, young dragons need the heat often at the top end.

We measure our ambient temperatures and basking spot temperatures.

We bath our dragon every other day, depending on if she is in shed.

Any other questions please ask! If i can help you further I will.


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