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Thanks Peeps.
Obernoob great place for me to start, I have sorted a tank and some slate a branch and reptile bedding (for a better word).
The actuall exoticpetshop was closed today, but a more general one had the essential but basic items.

I think the slate will do for now it does hold the heat.
I have put Lenny (kids named it) on the kitchen window sill will that do for now or is it essential that I get the UV lamp now and do I need a heated floor mat??
I can get worms but grass hoppers in warrington haha. Anyway he looks to small for grass hoppers, will the exotic shop do them and as regards all the food do I just drop them in the tank and let them run about???

If things get tight I will ring them up..


I hope it dont get to big. Haha

Thanks again chaps
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