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Hi Ironmonkey

I have also got my 1st 2 Beardie's, and thought I would let you know what my set up is.

My viv is only small (3ft x 18" x 18" ), I got this from a friend who was upgrading, got my beardie's from a guy on this forum, only wanted 1 ended up with 2 LOL, got a 24" reptisun 10.0 uv light. The heat lamp is an ordinary 40w light bulb, this keeps the warm end at 35-45 the cool end is 25-35, at night it stays at room temp about 16-20.

Up until last week I kept them on Kitchen Towel now they are on play sand, I done this for two reasons 1, It is easier to keep clean, and 2, The crix have less places to hide. So far they have had no probs and they seem to enjoy it. Other items in the viv are one piece of volcanic rock (under the heat source) and 4 pieces of slate, veg bowl and water bowl, and plastic foliage.

There food consists of medium size crix/locusts, and daily fresh veg. The biggest prob is what live food to give. I started on crix went on to locusts they proved to be quite expensive so went back to the crix, now they are on a mix of the two. They are eating about 8 crix and 2 locusts a day each.

Both are thriving well, they are the same age as yours, both shedding skin and coming out in great colours.

Like you I read all the info I could find and done all the homework before getting the beardie's, but the best thing I found is experience, you learn by your mistakes and you learn from your dragons. Hope this has helped
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