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Originally Posted by cockneypaul View Post

I think the slate will do for now it does hold the heat.
I have put Lenny (kids named it) on the kitchen window sill will that do for now or is it essential that I get the UV lamp now and do I need a heated floor mat??
I can get worms but grass hoppers in warrington haha. Anyway he looks to small for grass hoppers, will the exotic shop do them and as regards all the food do I just drop them in the tank and let them run about???
Slate can get REALLY hot and burn these heat rock effects on can cause similar porblems

Its not essential at the minute, but he will need full uv at some point, these lizards will bask in the sun for hours.
a heat mat isnt much use for these, they love basking in the sun and heat so you need to rasie the ambient temps and this cant be done with a heatmat. a ceramic heater or red bulb will work fine though.

woodlice will do fine as food instead, but you really dont want to put them stright onto captive bred insects so soon. dust the food you need them with a calcium supplement and just add the food in the enclosure
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