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It is brilliant to hear other newbies are stressing about their dragons. I got my first at 8wks old in May and my second a month later. Similar age. At 2 and 3 months they were eating about 8 size 4 crickets a day each! They grew very fast but now at five months they have slowed down big style. During that time though they have changed vivs into a bigger one, moved from Yorkshire to Cumbria, changed from paper towel to sand (i agree much easier to keep clean) and also gone up to size 5 crickets (obviously more filling than fours!).

I have been trying everything to get them to eat more. I have moved them from sand to shredded aspen on the advice of a local reptile shop owner. I seem to try something new every day and it feels like I'm clutching at straws. Today for example, one has eaten four size 5 crickets and no salad and the other has eaten bog all. I have noticed that they feel cooler when I pick them up than they did in the smaller viv. Do yours feel like body temperature when you take them out in the middle of the day because mine used to but they don't anymore. I've messed about with the chosen basking sites and stat settings to try and get their temperature perfect but they won't bask in the right flaming place. The intended basking site is 38 degrees exactly but they are rarely there. I find myself placing them in basking position and hoping they stay there. I'm always nudging crickets to make them move towards the dragons, so they will hunt. For example today, one ate four size five crickets and the other ate 1 three quarter inch locust. No salad was consumed by the little darlings. Is it me or is reptile keeping the easiest way to make someone neurotic??!!!

By the way ironmonkey, could you explain how you got photos up. My page says I can't post attachments which is what I assume a photo would be classed as??!!

I look forward to hearing your views.

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