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Default Corn snake regurg

So i've had my Corn snake for quite a few months now and i've noticed that sometimes she regurges her food, mostly just small parts like the feet upwards and whatever but today she regurged a whole mouse.

Im not sure if this is normal or of im doing something wrong?

I think she is a late 08/09, but she is about 1 and half feet long atm (probably shorter) and im feeding her pinkies every 8 days(9-10 at the most but not often).

She is in one of those plastic Terrariums (with the 2 lids), The temperature in there fluctuates between 22-24, 30-32.
I would like it to be more stable but I think the plastic isnt really a good enough insulator.

Any feedback on this situation would be much appreciated as half digested mice stink!
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