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Originally Posted by Pleccy View Post
I'm no expert on snakes however are you handling the snake right after a feed? This can cause the snake to regurgitate its food. Also assuming that you are using a heat mat is this on a thermostat? Ideally the temperature in the warm end should be around 28 degrees C. A temperature that is too high can also cause problems.
I used to handle her quite alot (new snake owner, can I be blamed?), especially since I liked to show people her feeding. I assumed that her regurging small parts of mouse was pretty normal, especially since I used to handle her waaay too much. But this time I hadnt handled her once before or after eating, I just fed her and left her be (fed in the tank so literally no holding).
In fact I normally just leave her be these days, every so now and then she comes out for 10 minutes but never near a feeding time.
Literally just checked it now and theres a decomposing mouse sitting at the side >.>
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