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Originally Posted by Art_Gekko View Post
Thanks for all the help ^_^

Is that website at the bottom of you post your website where you sell your leo's? - sorry just checked it out, interesting website, can't believe people could hurt their pets that way.
That site is our rescues and help site. It was set up by Gothgirl on here and theres a few rehomers around the country. We take in any reptiles in any condition and help them get well again. I mailny specialise in MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease). So far at the our rescue we have 2 leos with MBD, 3 leo partially sighted leos...2 with eye deformaties, a chinese water dragon with MBD and a bosc monitor with MBD, gout, thermal burns and an agression problem. Theres many more rehomers with reptiles with various problems too.

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