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Originally Posted by randomcookiemonsta View Post
hmmm what's the difference between hypo and hypo tangerine then and how do you no if it's carrot tail or not? i'm not sure if mine is orange enough
Hypo just means reduced spots, hypo tangerine is reduced spots, but the gecko is showing more *tangerine* colouring than a normal yellow animal

Carrot tail, depending on who tou ask varies, but imo the tail should be atleast 15-20% orange, BEFORE any black spots/markings

Originally Posted by ToxicSiren View Post
Hypo is more yellow colour...hypo tangerine is more orange..both mine and the ops geckos are Hypo Tangerines . The carrot tail goes by how much carrot is in the tail...i think its something like more then 20% is classed as a carrot tail...someone correct me im im way off though lol. x
Almost bang on, it doesnt just have to be that % orange, but that % orange with no markings
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