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Originally Posted by ToxicSiren View Post
That site is our rescues and help site. It was set up by Gothgirl on here and theres a few rehomers around the country. We take in any reptiles in any condition and help them get well again. I mailny specialise in MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease). So far at the our rescue we have 2 leos with MBD, 3 leo partially sighted leos...2 with eye deformaties, a chinese water dragon with MBD and a bosc monitor with MBD, gout, thermal burns and an agression problem. Theres many more rehomers with reptiles with various problems too.
Wish I has the space to do something like that. Currently in a tiny basement flat, hence waiting to breed leo's next year when I have the space! Maybe next year I could help rehome poorly lizards too, though will have to wait til I have more experience xXx
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