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Originally Posted by BeardieG View Post
Hi Austin

Some really great stuff - apparently he measure 15" - so does that mean he's adult sized ? - hmm local wildlife - maybe not - now that we've got sourced supplies today (had to use the local ones due to him arriving just before the week-end - and no deliveries until week-days)
Will think of re-building the vivarium - might be a bit slow going - so hopefully it be okay for a few months....
Take it they like to be handled fairly regularly ?

Many thanks BeardiG
Haha thanks.

He could definitely be an adult then mines 18" and still growing though Unfortuneatly Local wildlife isn't worth the risk to be honest buy live food from definitely the best if you order first thing in the morning you can expect it next day great prices too and they sell EVERYTHING except roaches.

Yeah the vivarium should suffice for now, but a 4ft is definitely your next thing on the list! have you got a 10%/12% UVB tube?(says on the bulb)

Yeah they love to come out and about, I have mine running around the bathroom whilst I'm in the shower or bath and in my bedroom every other night for a run around and get him out most days if its hot enough out sit or lay out in the sun with him he should happily stay still

I guessed you meant inches no worries dear

best wishes,
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