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Hi there bit of an update

yup the sand is out she now has a nice tiled floor in there and its much easier to keep clean , she is making headway on the greens but she really does prefer the greens (collard , peas , Romaine leyttuce , Cucumber) over anything else

i use one of those cricket feeders but find that the larger ones are able to climb and escape so now they are kept outdoors in the cricket feeder in a large draw to keep them contained

she is getting used to being handed and so far things are going ok

trying to work out the correct amount of Vitamin and calcium is hard as there is so much cotrary infor out there

at the moment i put calcium on her foor and crickts everyday and spray her with a vitamin spray every other day

she seems happy so fingers crossed

she just shed as well so i purchased a childs sandpit and fill that with warm water and just let her go mental in there she seems to like it

weather is warm at the mement so tonight when the wife is here we are going to put her in the sandpit (minus sand) out on the garden for her to get some nice natural sunlight
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