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Originally Posted by ironmonkey View Post
thanks and dont worry, as i said, ive done some research. but experience is what i lack.

i was also wondering, but forgot to put in the essay i wrote, is the furniture/decoration i have in there adiquate. Could i do with some more climbing areas, or is there anything i would be better having that dont have in there, etc.

ive managed to keep everything hide proof for the bugs. they are food after all, i want chuck to do a bit of hunting, but i found out they were all hiding in the skull where he couldnt get to them so i soon sorted that problem out by plugging all the holes in the skull.

cheers again
No worries, I couldn't view your pics, only the first one?

Yeah bugs will hide anywhere! Our dragons hunts, and it's fantastic to watch! We have a curvy log in ours and jungle vine that we have bent around her log, she loves the vine and gets in all kinds of positions on it. Its also at various levels so she can choose her distance from her basking spot. We have a fake plant in her viv that she pays no interest in, it was mainly for a bit of colour! and a fake cactus which she sits on .

We put her live food in, she hunts and eats what she wants, she then gets up on her vine near the spotlight to digest them. You get to know by theyre body lannguage what they are about to do in the end!!

We feed her 2-3 times a day live foods, then before lights out we clean out her viv and any remaining crickets.

She is on paper towel substrate, I don't agree with sand, that's your choice however!

Depends really if you get a dragon that wants to hunt or is lazy! Our previous dragon was a lazy sod and would not hunt his live foods EVER, we had to hand feed him. Our female we have now will hunt so it just makes things easier, if you offer some food from a pair of tongs to her she nearly bites the tongs out of your hand .
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