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Talking New to owning snakes


As the title suggests i am new to owning snakes , i have a wide variety of animals from Tarrantulas to Chameleons to Frogs and so on.

I am now the proud owner of an Anna Corn Snake, apart from him wanting to eat me everytime i go to pick him up ITS GREAT!!!, such a very misunderstood creature,

Just wondering is it normal for him to "S" posistion at me EVERY time i go to get him out to handle him, the shop where i got him from didn't have the time to handle him everyday and was wondering if his behaviour is normal and more patience and time is required , i have had him for around a month now.

Am i being too eager for me to earn his trust? , i have read through this forum and have learnt a lot from a lot of threads, when i have him out he is fine it just seems he gets the hump when i go to get him out, the method i found less stressful for both of us is too remove his hide and expose him,
then i wait for his little tounge to flick about and then when he goes to move elsewhere i (TRY TO) pick him up about one third away from his head and then get him out and sometimes its succesful but most times the famous "S" strike is ready.....


im hoping to own a royal python soon too as these are amazing animals and i dont think im prepared to get eaten everytime i go inside its viv.
Would it be worth investing in some snake hooks?

Thanks again for any help on this and sorry for the long post....
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