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i know a couple of people who keep their BD on play sand or repti-sand and have had no problems. and i can see the points from boths sides of the arguement, at the moment im now changing the thermostat to a dimmer stat, and getting hold of a light emmiting heat source. thatll be sorted by tomorrow. thats the first bit.

im also going to do a few costal walks to see if i can find some interesting rocks for a better basking spot which i believe the best way to clean is bleach bath, well rinse and bake isnt it?? what temp do i bake a rock at??? and ive already put in another piece of grape vine root as an extra thing to climb on. more fun and more exercise for chuck!!

JackieL i think if you just cut and paste the photo name in to your browser they should work fine. chuck used to sleep on his catcus untill he got too big

james, i just looked at this post;

hope that works. but would like to know how to post real pictures too.

another thing i wanted to know was impaction risk linked to the animals husbandry? and are back grounds important or are they purely aesthetic??

i like your set up dodger26, and to be honest, i got a male so as to get rid of the temptation to buy two
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