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Question Newbie beardie Owner needing help

Hi everyone, we got our 2 bearded Dragons on Thursday Night, they seem to have settled in quite well, but just looking for a little more advice. We have done a lot of reading and looking on various websites, but as many have said before there is a lot of conflicting advice out there, and this seems to be the place for the correct advice, so here it goes.

When we got them on Thursday the Guy we bought the setup from told us that the Thermostat wasnt working properly for their temps. it was keeping the heater on all the time so we presumed they were getting too hot as they were just lying around all the time not doing anything. If we turned the heat off and it cooled slightly then they came to life, we went and got a new thermostat - it's a Ministat 300 - but we are not sure if it is working the way it should be. We had it set up the way the instructions told you - 9"from the heat source - and it wouldnt come on at all. We moved it to the cool end then it came on, but again wouldnt go off so we took it back and got a replacement, again tried as per instructions wouldnt come on as it was reading too hot, moved it to the cool end and if the probe is just in the Viv and no more it will work, but if you put it in the Viv it will go off but seems to forget to come back on again. Does anyone have any experience of this type of Thermostat and can you give us any advice please.

Also what age is best for sexing them, we not sure if they male or female. We not quite sure what age they are as th guy we got them from had bought them in December but he didnt say if it was the beginning or end so we think they are around 7-8 months old, the largest one is 12.5 inches and the smaller is 11 inches from snout to tip of tail if that is any indication of their age. He also wasnt feeding them live food everyday as he prefered to keep them on salad as it was cheaper - he gave us the empty boxex he had from feed and there were only 4. We have tried them with Mealworms which they will take but they dont seem to fussed about and brown crickets, they do like them but what other live feed would be best to try the uneducated with? we want to do things right, but we dont want to be throwing everything at them at once.

Any advice you can give is greatly appreciated.
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