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Default Limestone Flour

Just finished getting all the things i'll need for beardie apart from the supplements and food which i'll get just before I get him or her. As I'm a newbie to reptiles I was wondering how much Limestone flour and nutrobal do you use to dust the crickets, Ive heard people on forums say a pinch, just enough to cover the food but I worry about putting too much in the bag, can I put too much in a bag? or will only a certain amount stick to the crickets anyway leaving the rest in the bottom of the bag? Just dont want to over supplement, I know how often to use it just not how much Also another question about limestone flour, I was wondering If anyone with a beardie could tell me how much flour they get through over what time frame? i was gonna buy from ebay in bulk as its cheaper but some Ive noticed are in bags and worry they wouldnt have a use by date on them. Is it worth buying the big bags like 750,950 and 1kg bags or would it go out of date before i used it all? I saw a bag with 950g in for 4.25 here

Limestone Flour Supplement (Calcium) 950g Free P&P on eBay (end time 02-Sep-09 08:56:24 BST)

Mentions its for horses but I'm assuming all limestone flour is the same. As it says its a refil bag its nto in its original packaging so dunno if it would have a use by date on. Think this is too much bulk? Or does it last quite a while? Sorry for all the questions, just want to make sure I get this right!

Thanks again


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