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Originally Posted by cockneypaul View Post
I went to Andy's Aquatics today and they were very helpful, I got some crickets, I didn't know you could get them so small. haha.

I got some calcium powder and dusted them and put a few in so lets see what happens.

He has buried himself to the bottom of the tank under the bedding, I assume that is because he is scared. So am I best to leave him to surface, and find the crickets himself.

where is best to store the rest of the live crickets and how often do i feed him and how much


Just leave the crickets in the tub somewhere warm (room temp) and out of direct sunlight. If you want the crickets to last longer you can get little tanks designed for them and a bug feed, most reptile places do them. Alternatively just put bits of veg in for the crickets to feed on.

With regards to feeding, feed a few crickets (3-4) every other day. Give him a chance to eat them and then remove any left over ones. If you leave crickets in there they can bite the lizard while he is asleep.

Out of interest what bedding are you using? As some types of bedding are not suitable and if ingested while the lizard is eating can cause impaction which can lead to the lizards death. Not wanting to scare you or anything!
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