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Originally Posted by Intherough View Post
Hey guys, I have had my Royal just over a week now, i have tried to feed him but he's off his food. I'm putting this down to the stress of moving last week.
However i noticed last night he bathed for a solid 12 hours and then this morning he is behaving very strangely. He is wiping his mouth on the walls of the vivarium which is leaving streaks of saliva. He is also yawning and stretching his jaw in all sorts of funny positions. I noticed the occasional clicking sound also.
I am a little concerned he has an RI?

I have raised the viv temp upto 94 in basking side and 84 on cool side.

Any advice guys?
ok well a few things
you only had him a week he may take a few weeks to settle in, which you mentioned

the soaking is usually a sign of a few things, he could be coming into shed, which also would add to being off food, it can also be a sign of mites, check his waterbowl for little black dots also his scales best place to look is under his chin (so to speak)

the rubbing, also can be a sign of shedding, where hes trying to dislodge the skin yawning to they yawn alot aound shedding times

rubbing also a sign of possible mites, from irritation

as for the saliva if hes doing this just after getting out the water, sometimes when snakes drink alot and put pressure on theyre bellies some spurts out so that could be a reason, but keep an eye for lots of discharge

but it does sound like hes coming into shed or possible mites.

but as for the RI keep an eye on the saliva and listen to his breathing is it noisy, does his mouth seem slightly puffy?
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